Discord AV1 Embed Tool

This Discord AV1 Embedder allows you to embed AV1 videos and even videos larger than 500MB by exploiting a bug in Discord. You can also choose a custom thumbnail and use this tool to embed AV1 videos on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter. Jump to documentation

Generate an embed URL:

Providing the correct video width and height allows the video to display without gaps.

Your generated URL (click to copy): [Please enter a valid Video URL]
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To embed on Discord, the video must be a direct link (hover for info) to a file that obeys these constraints:
File Hosting
If you have a video file and need to embed it, you must upload it to a file host. Good file hosts for this tool provide direct links, are permanent, and allow hotlinking. Below is a list of some of our recommendations for file hosts. Note that if you upload illegal or pirated content, the file host may take it down, leaving your embed link broken.
There are a lot of ways that using a Discord AV1 embed tool can go wrong. We'll try to stop you from making these mistakes, but here are some common ones:
Thumbnails & Gapless Embedding
The reason that Discord cannot normally embed AV1 is because their servers cannot generate a thumbnail for it. By providing our own thumbnail, we can completely bypass the need to do that and embed any client-compatible codec in Discord. However, providing your own thumbnail comes with its own set of challenges that we aim to help you solve here.

Disclaimer: This tool does NOT serve (how?), and is NOT liable for, content embedded using this tool. If you believe that your copyrighted content is being served on a Discord embed through this tool, please direct any DMCA complaints to the video or image host, which is visible in the embed tool URL. If that image host happens to be us, sure, go after us, and we'll get rid of that image.