Are New Image Formats Worth It for You?

In the wise words of a certain content creator: If it's not worth it, don't do it! Easily learn if you would really benefit from adding modern image formats like WebP, AVIF, and JPEG-XL to your website with this tool. Numbers for support are pulled from Caniuse ("full support") and may change in the future. Default BD-rate savings values are estimates, based on the use of MozJPEG to encode the JPEG, and are probably wrong, but you get the idea.

We want the number of page views needed for you to break even by adding a new format with the JPEG as a fallback. The formula is generally:
SBCR * ((1 - savings) / (savings * support))

Generally, a very high SBCR means adding formats to the fallback chain is less desirable. More savings will make the format more desirable, as will more support. Enter some information below and we'll help you get all those values.

Calculate your SBCR:

Or perhaps you might have UNMETERED bandwidth:

Unmetered bandwidth isn't truly unlimited, you only have a month to use what you paid for. Click the buttons to calculate that for you.

Determine your Savings, Support, and Monthly Views:

Autofill parameters for an image codec (default WebP):


Break-even page views per month: 2500
Do you break even? Nope!