Autocompressor v0.2 - Media Compression Tool

Reduce the file size of your video, image, audio, or GIF quickly and easily with our free online compression tool. Whether you need to shrink your file to 25MB or any other specific size, our tool offers a simple and intuitive solution. We'll also create perfectly compressed emotes and stickers for Discord. Using the link mode, you can instantly compress YouTube videos and other sites to 25MB. Our advanced AUTO-REZ™ technology achieves higher quality at a given filesize than any other website. Autocompressor will automatically choose the output format based on the input format and the compatibility category you select.

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Our input file size limit is 2 GiB.

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Moderate encoding efficiency, can create emotes and stickers
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Click the button to start the encoding process. Completed files are deleted after 24 hours, so share the file, not the link to it.

Status: Ready
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Pro tip: AV1 is the future of Discord embedding. We just switched to SVT-AV1 for the free AV1 presets. Got an existing AV1 MKV and want to embed it? Our Media Passthrough Technology will simply remux it if you ask for an AV1 WebM of the same size or larger.


VIDEO: Rickroll Video (03:32 YT 1080p25 AV1+Opus) to 8 MiB H.264 Maximum
VIDEO: GN Skytech Video (27:12 YT 1080p60 AV1+Opus) to 8 MiB VP9 Normal
IMAGE: Photograph (24MP 800 ISO) to 8 MiB JPEG
IMAGE: Photograph (24MP 800 ISO) to 256 KiB JPEG
GIF: Video (Reddit) to 8 MiB GIF Normal - Source


XMR: 45bZrPj2QbETb1wogXnwqDKaaxcH2CsBRD4PfiLNnMVT1R3uZ1raeWX3zfY8zWejmZE5bzUFfU6PXjnaXVqPon7S8fiVRnv