Autocompressor v0.2 - Media Compression Tool

This free, easy to use online compression tool will compress media files to 25MB for Discord, as well as a variety of other sizes for other websites. Our tool uses proprietary AUTO-REZ™ technology to ensure the highest possible quality for the result. To get started, you can either upload a file or provide a media URL from YouTube and other sites. The tool can compress videos, images, audio, or GIFs to a target size, and the output format is automatically determined from the input. We also support perfect sticker and emote compression for Discord.

Upload your video, image, audio, or GIF:

Our input file size limit is 2 GiB.

Choose a target size:


Choose an output file format:
Moderate encoding efficiency, can create emotes and stickers
Choose a compression level (quality-time tradeoff):

Compress your file:

Click the button to start the compression process. Completed files are deleted after 24 hours, so share the file, not the link to it.

Status: Ready
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Pro tip: AV1 is the future of Discord embedding. We just switched to SVT-AV1 for the free AV1 presets. Got an existing AV1 MKV and want to embed it? Our Media Passthrough Technology will simply remux it if you ask for an AV1 WebM of the same size or larger.