Premium Tier Pricing

Note: These are PLANNED prices and may change in the future

We plan to accept payments via PayPal as well as in cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero). Work on our payment system will commence when I finish university finals.

Feature Free Supporter Enthusiast Professional Enterprise I Enterprise II Enterprise Ultimate
AUTO-REZ™ Technology
High Compression
Extreme Compression
Maximum Upload Size 2 GB 5 GB 25 GB 100 GB 100 GB 320 GB Virtually unlimited
Transferred GB/month 200 GB 1,500 GB 7,500 GB 15,000 GB Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum Video Length 20 min 45 min Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Length Trial Minutes 160 320 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Custom Target Size Presets Only 0-500 MiB 0-700 MiB 0-4.38 GiB 0-100 GiB 0-320 GiB Unlimited
CPU Minutes/month 1,800 4,608 18,456 33,220 105,888 268,250 Unlimited
Perks None Remove ads, higher conversion priority Pull from online sources in 4K instead of 1080p Upload torrents or magnet links, more options available in web interface Optionally store your result for up to 7 days (API) We'll dedicate a 5950X cloud server specifically to you and work with you on features that you need
Most suitable for Casual users Alternative to Nitro Basic Frequent users, Compression experts Compress movies for chat apps, Discord bots, Video publication Video conversion services Very high volume video conversion for e.g. video streaming ???????
Price (monthly) Free $2.99 $10.99 $20.99 $74.99 $199.99 Email us for quote

Your Resources

On Autocompressor, your usage of the server resources is limited according to the table. Here's what they mean.

High and Extreme Compression

While the standard levels of compression already outperform other web-based compression services, the highest levels of compression available on Autocompressor are paywalled. The "Supporter" tier and higher have access to High Compression, and the "Enthusiast" tier and higher have access to Extreme Compression. The following table describes which compression levels are paywalled under what level:

Fastest Free Free Free Free High
Fast Free Free Free Free High
Normal Free Free Free High Extreme
Maximum Does not exist Free High High Extreme
Ultra Does not exist High High Extreme Extreme
Extreme Does not exist Extreme Extreme Extreme Extreme

Video Length and Trial Minutes

The length of Video and Animation (but not Audio) uploads is limited for free and low-tier users. However, we're fully aware that you came here to encode entire movies to post on Discord without Nitro, put comically long GIFs everywhere, and otherwise encode longform content to very small sizes. As a compromise, we came up with the idea of "Trial Minutes", which you must log into a free account to access. With Trial Minutes, which renew monthly, you can upload a video longer than your maximum video length and the difference between the uploaded video length and your maximum video length will be deducted from your Trial Minutes. This way, you can test Autocompressor's ability to encode a very long video for free. Regardless of other factors, Autocompressor is only capable of encoding about 7.5 minutes per MiB of target size.

CPU Minutes

Your monthly usage of server CPU time is limited. CPU time is not the same thing as how long it takes to process your media. Some websites, like FreeConvert, do bill for time taken rather than CPU time, and others, like, don't bill for either but instead prevent abuse through a nebulous limiting algorithm. CPU time refers to the amount of time spent on any one CPU thread. If a task is single-threaded, like optimizing a PNG, CPU time means the same thing as time taken. However, if it instead fully utilizes 8 threads, like x264 can, CPU time would be 8 times the time taken. This metric is the best representation of how much an operation costs a server provider. Encoding a typical 4-minute YouTube video to 8MB with MP4-Normal will cost you about 5 CPU minutes, while encoding an entire movie to 50MB using WebM-Normal will cost you about 200 CPU minutes. All jobs cost at least 1 CPU minute no matter how little time they actually took, and all job costs are rounded up to the nearest whole CPU minute.

Maximum Upload Size

This one should be quite self-explanatory. The free file size limit of 2 GiB is set to be equal to that of, which is the largest free upload size that we could find anywhere on the web for a conversion/compression site. Uploads using link mode are not exempt from your maximum file size; Autocompressor will refuse to download oversized files from external sources.

Transferred Data

Uploading large files can be a way to DoS a server. To prevent abuse, the number of gigabytes you are allowed to upload per month is limited. The amount of data allowed is designed to be an insane number that you would only reach before the CPU Time limit if you were deliberately uploading large, fast-to-encode files constantly. For that reason, you probably don't need to worry about this limit if you are a normal user.

Custom Target Size

Paid subscribers can use custom target file sizes. The only limits on this ability are the minimum file size of 64 KiB and the maximum file size allowed by the subscription tier.