Premium Tier Pricing

Note: These are PLANNED prices and may change in the future

We plan to accept payments via Stripe because it looks simpler to use their API compared to PayPal and I'm lazy.

Feature Free Supporter Enthusiast Professional
Compression Options Free High Extreme Extreme
Maximum Upload Size 2 GiB 5 GiB 20 GiB 50 GiB
Maximum Video Length 20 min Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Custom Target Size Presets Only Up to 500 MiB Up to 700 MiB (CD) Up to 4,482 MiB (DVD)
CPU Minutes/month 1,800 4,500 18,000 45,000
Perks None No ads
Higher compression priority
No ads
Higher compression priority
yt-dlp downloads sources in 4K
Vanity AV1 Embed shortlinks
No ads
Maximum compression priority
yt-dlp downloads sources in 8K+
Vanity AV1 Embed shortlinks
Price (monthly) Free $3.99 $12.99 $24.99
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High and Extreme Compression

Free users are limited to the faster compression presets. "High" compression options unlock MP4 Ultra, WebM Maximum and Ultra, and AV1 Normal and Maximum (any preset with a "$" icon), and "Extreme" compression options additionally unlock all other compression presets (any preset with a "$$" icon). These slower presets will result in better quality at any given target size.

Maximum Video Length

The length of Video and Animation uploads is limited for free users. In order to demonstrate Autocompressor's true ability, we allow free users to exceed the length limit by 160 minutes per month. If you like the results, you can pay for any premium plan in order to unlock unlimited video length so you can encode as many full movies as you want.
This is not true until we actually implement premium plan payments! You can upload unlimited length videos right now.

CPU Minutes

Autocompressor limits the amount of CPU time that a user can use. A "CPU minute" is measured as 1 minute of time spent by 1 CPU thread. If a compression process takes 3 minutes while occupying 7 CPU threads, it will bill for 21 CPU minutes. MP4 and AV1 video compression tends to occupy more threads than WebM, image, or audio compression. All jobs cost at least 1 CPU minute no matter how little time they take, and all jobs are rounded up to the nearest CPU minute. Having more CPU minutes available means you can do more compression tasks per month and those compression tasks can be more difficult.

Maximum Upload Size

The upload file size is limited. For free users, you can upload 2 GiB, which is on the higher end of what you can upload to most video conversion websites for free. However, the limit can be greatly expanded by buying a premium plan. When you use the URL mode, the server uses the same file size limit as an upload. If the video being downloaded this way is larger than the file size limit, the server will attempt to download a lower resolution, so increasing the limit will also improve the quality of large video URL inputs.

Custom Target Size

Free users can only use the preset file sizes available in the interface, while premium users can use a custom file size. With a premium plan, you can select any target file size between 64 KiB and the maximum size specified by the table.

Compression Priority

Free users always get their tasks sent to the second-best available server. However, premium users get their tasks sent to the best available server, and Professional-tier users additionally get their tasks set to high priority on the servers they reside on so that other tasks are pushed aside for them. This results in faster media compression.